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Начало » 2008 » Январь » 20 » about tmf
about tmf
Here is what happened about the beta of Forever.

It was supposed to start in November.. but due to some work taking more time than scheduled, we moved that to december. But, then, I was leaving for holiday at the end of the month. I had to decide to tell the team to ready the beta for my return or to make additionnal work, usually about big subject. I took the second option because I think that Forever need to be as strong as possible.

I am unhappy to make this delay. I always wish I could avoid to give a date, but I also understand that it is cool to have one. This time, my target is an alpha just before we move our offices, and a beta once we are installed and running well. So, with the alpha before, the beta will be difficult to have before the 7th of Febuary. We have strong interest to release the beta before the 15th, because we think the tests to be crucial. We have worked nearly a year on this update, so we need to look after the test carefully.

Once the beta start, we will open, week after week, to more players. We have made a system were we will add on our side, the TMU login on a list that will give access to Nations or United beta. I also want to find a solution were most of TMU players can use Nations or United Forever before its release. It would compensate for the delay, makes some additionnal tests before the release and maybe convince some Nations only players to get United, which is good for us.

I will do the usual stupid games, since I still believe that having additionnal testers, than the VIP, is interesting.

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